Heroes paint our history

Hey everyone!

Just recorded a new song called ‘Heroes’ this week. Wrote this a few months back.

You’ll notice it features a bit of violin, which is the first time I’ve tried this on one of my songs. Let me know what you think of my playing!?

There’s a superhero vigilante in the video, so what more could you want? Have a listen, let me know what you think and please share if you like!




The internet is brilliant

So, at some stage last week I went past the 10,000 views mark on my youtube page.

This is mindbottling, the internet really is brilliant. I’d like to wish happy Christmas to everyone who has viewed, liked and commented on my stuff, its been great hearing from you from all around the world.


Stat 1: People have spent over 250 hours viewing my videos!

Stat 2: I’ve been watched in over 116 countries.

Stat 3: Top 10 countries I’ve been viewed in are as follows:

1. Ireland

2. UK

3. USA

4. Canada

5. Germany

6. Spain

7. Brazil

8. Italy

9. Argentina

10. France


Christmaaaaaaas! Along the banks of the River Suir

So, I think it’s officially the Christmas Season! This is a song I started writing a very long time ago. It uses the melody from a traditional Irish song called Mo Ghile Mear. It has the word Christmas in it so I suppose that makes it a Christmas song!

Now, I normally don’t give any explanation for the songs I post, but I think I just need to give some background for this one.  Mo Ghile Mear is Irish for My Gallant Darling or My Shining Star. The original Mo Ghile Mear was written in Irish in the 18th Century. I came across it when I was first learning the guitar in school and I loved the air of it. As I couldn’t make head nor tail of the Irish version I rewrote it with my own words.

The original, like a lot of traditional Irish songs, is a lament to both a fair maiden and to Ireland. Many Irish songs follow this pattern where the singer personifies Ireland and dreams of returning to her. There are many of these types of songs as Irish people have often found themselves forced, for one reason or another, to emigrate and leave their loved ones and their country.

The re-emergence of emigration is the reason I went back to finish this song. Since the recession hit in 2008 young Irish people have again been forced to leave the country in their droves. I think it works well as a Christmas song as the ‘season to be jolly’ can be a very lonely time for some people, especially if you are living away from home and missing loved ones.

So, in my version I wanted to try recreate this feeling of being forced to leave your homeland and having a longing to return, and a dream of winning your love.

Anyway…. that’s the theory….

Vote for The Ocean Machine in MTV Unsigned

Delighted to be in the running for MTV’s Brand New Unsigned!

If you could, I’d really appreciate a vote and share!


New video for ‘Roll the dice’

Hey everyone,

Please check out my new video and recording for ‘Roll the dice’ on youtube.


Also on Soundcloud here

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!



The Ocean Machine on FRQ Radio

Listen to The Ocean Machine on FRQ this eve between 8-9pm. Thanks to @Zizzyob and @FRQfm. Make sure you download the app!

I don’t know – Cover and video

One of my favourite songs by one of my favourite singer-songwriters Lisa Hannigan. Hope you enjoy the video too. Alot of kissing, but I like the idea that they only have eyes for eachother even in the most beautiful city in the world. I think it fits nicely with the message of the song. Watch out for a few little cameos by Lisa Hannigan also!



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